Tim and Susan Fennell

Tim and Susan Fennell

Together, we have been selling real estate in Jacksonville for more than 30 years. Although we have enjoyed the ‘status’ associated with being Top Producers for most of those years, our most treasured achievements come from the recognition we receive from our clients and customers for providing Unparalleled Customer Service. We know that the successes we’ve enjoyed are not due to being “super salesmen.” No… our success comes from the great care we provide our clients, as our first priority, not as an afterthought when all else is done.

Both are long time residents of Jacksonville and graduates of local high schools. Susan stayed in Jacksonville to obtain a Nursing Degree and Tim left Jacksonville for several years to earn degrees in education and administration. Tim came back to Jacksonville because of his love for the area and the super friendly people who live here. “We have three grown children and are looking forward to having grandchildren in the near future.”

What We Do

Contrary to popular belief, a real estate agent’s job consists of far more than holding open houses, driving people around and writing contracts. That is actually only a very small part of what we do. We are Accredited Consultants in Real Estate (ACRE®) and we take our responsibilities as consultants very seriously. We spend most of our time helping real people make well-informed decisions about their personal housing or real estate investment situations. We help sellers analyze the market, evaluate their options and, if they decide to move forward, to present their home to the market in the best possible light. We help buyers understand the home-buying process, select the right neighborhood and type of property for them and then to negotiate the best deal possible.

How We Work

First and foremost, we work as CONSULTANTS… we consult with you; not sell to you. We believe that a successful real estate transaction is one where everyone is smiling around the closing table. Where both buyer and seller feel they were treated fairly and respectfully and are happy with the outcome. Unless there is good reason, we will not beat anyone up simply because we’re on opposite sides of a negotiation.

We see ourselves as trusted advisors, not smiley-faced salepeople. We won’t tell you what you want to hear simply to get your business. However, even though we are not shy about offering our opinions and advice (that’s what you pay us for!), we truly respect that you are the boss! Final decisions are always yours and we will never push our agenda on you.

The clients we have today are much more important to us than the clients we hope to have tomorrow. We are enjoying a referral-based business and intend to keep it that way!

Accredited Consultants in Real Estate (ACRE®)

Our team consists of experience, highly skilled professionals who have one goal in common – to put your needs first. We have trained to provide you with the best service possible working as a team — and that’s saying a lot!  Our network is tightly organized and efficient, utilizing modern technologies and methodologies to make sure you get exactly what you came for and exactly what you need. We’re a regional favorite when it comes to helping people with their challenging decisions in real estate because our team nurtures a competent, relaxed and friendly environment.

You see… we know that no individual person has all the answers or is able to meet everyone’s needs. Together, however, we provide a very useful resource for you to tap into, helping to ensure that you are able to make the most sound business and personal decisions possible and receive the best deal you can whether selling, buying or leasing real estate.

You always get the very best from us no matter how unusual or difficult your needs may be.  It’s because we care about our great city and the people who live in it.  When making positive things happen for a family or an investor, we are reminded that we entered this business for you, our neighbors… real people just like us.

Real Estate transactions involve a number of different professionals. Other than Realtors® and Real Estate Attorneys, you also need Title Insurance, Lenders, Home Maintenance, Building Contractors, Home Inspectors, Decorators/Stagers, Home Warranty providers and more. We have formed strong and trusting relationships with some of the areas most experienced experts in each of these fields.

Of course, you are free to choose anyone you wish and we highly encourage consumers to ‘shop around’ for the best value or to use professionals with whom they’ve already formed relationships but we also encourage you to consider each of our preferred partners and give them an opportunity to earn your trust and your business. Each of us is committed to providing you with the finest service possible and to always put your needs and interests before our own. We are glad you’ve taken an interest in our services and we look forward to creating another happy client.