Superior Customer Service Is The Heart Of Who We Are And What We Do

Like our business model, our customer service philosophy is pretty straightforward and simple — To provide superior customer service in everything we do. We fully believe in providing great customer service.

Superior customer service isn’t just a slogan for us… providing caring customer service is who we are at our very core being. You see, we appreciate great customer service ourselves and we go out of our way to find businesses to patronize who provide it. By the same token, we go out of our way to avoid mediocre or bad customer service. We figure that if we feel this way, chances are most other people do too. I would think that since we all love to receive great customer service then it would only be natural that we all would provide it too. Unfortunately that just isn’t the case very often anymore. That said, we simply refuse to follow the masses on this one!

Providing superior customer service is just too important to us. Many of our friends think we tip too much at restaurants, hair salons, etc. but the fact of the matter is that we appreciate great service so much that we want to show our appreciation when we receive it. As I said before, Susan and I go out of our way to patronize businesses that provide great customer service. There’s just too much in life to worry about without having to deal with inferior service and when it comes to real estate transactions there are a multitude of things to cause you concern… we know that’s a fact and we want to do everything we can to be a part of the solution as opposed to adding to the problem!We figure that if a business doesn’t take the time and steps necessary to provide great service then they surely haven’t taken the time and steps needed to provide a great product either…  Interestingly enough, our product is our service; they go hand in hand.  We think we deserve the best and we think that you deserve the best too. Our goal is to give you our best at all times.

Buying, selling and leasing real estate are among the most stressful events in life… we understand this.  We understand that no matter how many times you’ve bought or sold real estate each situation is different and each comes with a unique set of challenges.And, because we are also real estate investors, (in addition to having helped hundreds of other people with their real estate transactions) we understand the unique obstacles that can and do pop up all the time — and we understand how to avoid many of those obstacles before they occur and how to deal with them when they are simply unavoidable.

The fact is that there are several thousand real estate agents from which you can choose in the Jacksonville area.  Most of them are very good at what they do, but unfortunately many just don’t have the experience, expertise or commitment you need and deserve. And a great many of them have recently taken other jobs and are only dabbling in real estate on a part time basis.We know that when you choose us to work for you that you will walk away delighted with the service your receive.

Of course, we cannot promise a bed of roses but we can promise to stay by your side through each and every difficult moment and see it through to the end.  The testimonials, repeat business and referrals we receive from our former clients are proof of that.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t sell houses. We are in a service industry and our job is to provide you with superior service… Period. Personally, we despise being hard sold, pressured and harassed and we absolutely will not do that to you.

When you come to us requesting some help, we help you.  We don’t try to “sell” you on anything at any time.  We will not harass you for your business.  Our goal is to earn your trust and your business… if we can’t earn it, then we don’t deserve it and we know it!

Susan and I have been fortunate enough to be successful at what we do without hounding people for business.  When you’re ready to buy or sell real estate in the greater Jacksonville area, we are here to assist you.  If all you want to do is look around, if all you need is an answer to a question, then by all means please look around and please ask the questions!  Don’t hesitate to get the information you need out of fear of being harassed by some salesman type agent.  It’s just not going to happen here!

So, if you want to work with real estate agents that will listen to your needs, explore and embrace your wants and desires and if you want to work with real estate agents that understand the Jacksonville real estate market and the trials and tribulations of real estate transactions then we’d like the opportunity to earn your business and give you the help and support you deserve.

Our warmest wishes for you and yours,

Tim and Susan

Our Keys To Providing Great Customer Service. 

So what separates the excellent from the not-so-great when it comes time to define good customer service? Well, we’ve given it a lot of thought… here are some things we strive do to develop extreme customer loyalty based on great customer service.

  • We strive to get to know our customers.

Building a relationship with our customer is an important part of customer service. We want to know what you need from us, and then deliver it. We absolutely value your opinions and we value you as a person.

  • We strive to be courteous at all times.

No matter what, we believe we must always be courteous, polite, and friendly to our customers and clients… even when we might not feel like it. We are aware that our own stress (and everyone has some) is not your responsibility.  You deserve courtesy at all times, regardless of circumstances.

  • We strive to develop a customer retention program.

It’s tough to find new customers and clients. So once we do, we want to give them consistent TLC. We know that being “your Realtor for life” depends on providing excellent customer service at every point of the transaction.

  • We strive not to make mistakes.

Holy smokes… that’s a pretty tall order! And, we know that it is humanly impossible BUT we give everything we have to paying attention to details in order to avoid making as many mistakes as we possibly can… you deserve no less. However, occasionally we do make a mistake or a problem arises that we just have no control over… when that happens, we pledge to admit our mistake and immediately work to make restitution.

  • We strive to keep our promises.

Remember when a person’s word was his bond? For whatever reasons, that just doesn’t seem as big a deal as it did 30 or 40 years ago. But it should be. You have every right to expect us to do what we say we’re going to do. My grandfather always told me that a man is only as good as his word and we think that’s true.

  • We strive to emphasize value, not price.

We aren’t the lowest priced agents in Jacksonville… and we never intend to be. We know that the only way to be the lowest priced service provider is to provide the lowest quality customer service.  To do so goes against everything we believe. We’ll not even try to compete on price… however, we’re ready to compete on value every day of the week. Value is about quality customer service for a fair price and we do provide both.

  • We strive to be responsive.

Responsiveness is one of our ‘hot buttons’ and something sorely lacking in our industry. Great customer service begins here. We make it a matter of principle and practice to always respond to your calls, emails and faxes just as quickly as possible – always within 24 hours and almost always at our first opportunity. We do not, however, answer our phone every time it rings… in fact, when we are with another client we make it a point to turn the phone off so that we can give them our undivided attention. However, as soon as we are able we check our messages and respond according to the urgency of the message.  In real estate transactions, ‘time is of the essence’ almost always — we know this and we respect and honor it. If you ever send us an email or fax or leave us a voice message and we fail to respond within 24 hours, please automatically assume that technology failed and we didn’t get the message and send try reaching us again.  We will NEVER ignore any correspondence or procrastinate in responding. That is our pledge to you!

  • We strive to follow up with you after the transaction is complete.

We don’t consider our job as ending when the transaction is complete. Real estate transactions are ongoing in many respects. There are tasks that need to be taken care of months after the sale. And, unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen some months or years down the road such as financial hardships. If/when anything comes up, please know that you can call on us to assist you long after the completion of the sale. We are here for you for to provide continued customer service for the long haul… whatever your need, just reach out to us and let us put our experience and resources into action for you!