September 7, 2011
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Major Changes in Home Loans Coming if Congress Fails to Act Now

Unless Congress makes a last minute change here’s what to expect for Home Loans this October 1st.
August 11, 2011
St Augustine w: Lighthouse Insert

St. Augustine, FL – 11th Most Fun Affordable City in America

Ask long-time residents where the best restaurants are in the area and my guess is that 8 out of 10 will name St. Augustine.
August 10, 2011

Get Real – Straight Talk in Real Estate

My entire purpose in writing about this is to make it perfectly clear that we (Susan and I) do not like sales hyperbole and we strive to avoid ever using it. We believe in telling it straight... treating other people the way we expect to be treated - honestly and transparently without any baloney. There is just far too much garbage being thrown around today.
August 10, 2011

How to File for Homestead Exemption in Northeast Florida

Important Information When Filing for Homestead Exemption in Duval County Florida
August 9, 2011

Good News for Home Buyers? – Fed to Keep Rates Low

This should provide some peace of mind for homebuyers who have been on the fence due to fears that interest rates may suddenly increase before they are able to lock in their loans.
August 9, 2011
Jax July Market Trends

Jacksonville Real Estate Market Trends – July, 2011

As your straight-talking real estate consultants, you can always count on us to present a true picture of the market. We know that now is not the time for every buyer to make their move... we also know that now is the perfect time for others.