Is now a good time to buy Jacksonville real estate?

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October 18, 2010
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Is now a good time to buy Jacksonville real estate?

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And here we have the million dollar question. Is now a good time to buy real estate in Jacksonville, Florida? People have been asking me this question for the past several years and my answer has been and still is the same.

As a Jacksonville real estate agent who works full time, you might expect me to spout the company line and say that now is a good time to buy. After all, that’s what all the real estate association commercials have been saying in every market.

I’m different though… I don’t think it is always a great time for anyone and everyone to buy real estate. That being said, I also don’t think that this is a bad time to buy Jacksonville real estate either.

My answer to the million dollar question is the same as it has always been — It depends on your specific situation.

You see, there are a multitude of reasons why now is an absolutely fantastic time for some people to buy some real estate.

And, by contrast, there are also a multitude of reasons why now would be a horrible time for some people to buy any real estate.

It’s pretty darned easy to come up with reasons why now is a bad time. All you need to do is open a newspaper or turn on the TV to get a glimpse at just how bad the market has been and continues to be… And plenty of prognosticators are telling us that values could continue to decline before hitting rock bottom.

So, here are just 3 simple reasons this might be a good time for you to buy:

  1. Because you are sick and tired of renting and are ready to own a piece of the American Dream.  …Nothing wrong with that and it is possibly one of the great motivators in every market since the end of WW2.
  2. Because prognosticators are also telling us that low to mid priced homes are very likely about as low as they can go and most buyers fit into those markets.
  3. Because Interest Rates are at about the lowest levels since I Love Lucy was the number one show on TV and the chances of them going lower or staying this low are slim indeed. Did you know that a very small increase in rates equates to paying a lot more for the house? Sure, the price of your dream home may go down a little bit more but a small increase in interest rates will more than wipe out the difference.

Whatever your motivation, I just want you to know that I will never pressure you into doing anything that you don’t absolutely want to do.  And, I will put my years of training and experience to work for you to help negotiate the very best deal possible on the home you pick out. I promise to work in your best interest at all times.

Give me a call to schedule a time to meet to see if you think I’m the kind of person you’d feel comfortable working with… I’m here to help you!

TIMOTHY H. FENNELL, PA - Tim Fennell is a Florida licensed Real Estate Broker Associate with The Legends of Real Estate. Realtors® in Jacksonville, Florida. His strong background in business development, real estate investments, counseling and marketing greatly enhance his skills as a Listing and Internet Marketing Specialist. Tim and his wife, Susan, have over 30 years experience in Jacksonville Real Estate sales, marketing and investing and both are Accredited Consultants in Real Estate (ACRE®). When you're ready to be consulted with, rather than sold to, give them a call at 904.568.4528

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