Maximize Your Space

Rule #2: Maximize

Now that you have De-Personalized, it’s time to declutter to Maximize the space in your home – oops, “house”. Go through all of your closets (and cabinets) and store all those items that you really can live without while your house is on the market. Some items may be best stored so you can easily get to them should you happen to need them but we all know that most of us keep far more stuff than we really need to live day to day. Plus, this gives you a head start on packing for your move to your new home!

Closets packed tight with all your clothes, shoes, sporting equipment, photography equipment, etc. make your house appear lacking in useable storage space. Think about builder models you have visited – there is a reason that they decorate with relatively small pieces of furniture and sparsely filled closets. They want the house to FEEL LARGER than it actually is. You need to do the same thing. Utilize drawer space if needed – buyers don’t go rummaging through your dresser drawers. However, they often do look in kitchen drawers so be sure to keep them decluttered too.

  • Use boxes (or better yet, plastic storage bins) stacked neatly to holdDeclutter and hide clutter.
  • Use matching hangers for clothes and organize clothes by type (shirts together, pants together, etc.)
  • Clear off shelves and counters – just leave a few tasteful items neatly arranged.
  • Donate unwanted items.
  • Pack up off-season clothing and other items.
  • Consider getting a short term storage unit to store unnecessary furniture. Less furniture means more space and that’s what you are selling… space.
  • Use flat boxes to store items under beds – always make the beds too!

These are only a few suggestions. You’ll think of far more once you get started. Make it a family project or even enlist the help of friends you know are really good at organizing. Make the process fun and keep your eyes on the prize – a sold house!

  1. De-Personalize
  2. Maximize
  3. Sanitize
  4. Modernize
  5. Neutralize