Rule #4: Modernize

If your house is somewhat of a classic, unless it has exceptional period built-ins, it probably needs some updating in order to get the most money possible. There are people who are looking for a fixer-upper but keep in mind, they are bargain hunters.

If you are looking for top dollar, you may need to invest a bit of money into updating before putting it on the market. If someone feels the home is dated, that feeling will surely be reflected in a lower offer than you want.

Sometimes something as simple as swapping out gold fixtures for nickel or chrome or painting cabinets or replacing countertops is all you need to do. But don’t think that someone is going to pay today’s prices for yesterday’s look… it’s not going to happen.

Another relatively inexpensive update is to replace sinks, have bathtubs painted, put in new appliances – check out the scratch and dent sales for some great bargains.

ModernizeConsider refinishing wood floors, covering old laminate flooring with tile or purchasing a builder’s grade carpeting. There are lots of ways you can bring that house into the 21st century in order to make buyers feel at home.

Imagine how much better this kitchen would look with painted cabinets, ceiling and bricks. Strip the wall paper and paint. Replace the countertops, sink and faucet and slap some good looking hardware on the cabinet doors and you’ve got a whole new ballgame! Throw in a few thousand dollars on brand new appliances and watch it shine!

  1. De-Personalize
  2. Maximize
  3. Sanitize
  4. Modernize
  5. Neutralize