Rule #5: Neutralize

NeutralizeHere it is folks… the rule you knew was coming. The rule lots of people dread. But if you’re into very bright colors or very dark colors (like me), team colors, wild colors and wallpaper (yeah… nothing buyers grumble about much more than dated wallpaper), you gotta do something about it. You just gotta!

Colors can make or break a buyers interest in your house – real fast! You may love that shocking red wall or the college team color stripes, but all the potential buyer sees is a lot of work in their future. Work they really don’t want to do right after moving into their new home. Can some people “look past” the color? Sure, but most people can’t or simply won’t.

I’ve seen buyers turn around and head for the door faster because of non-neutral colors than just about any other reason – even dirt.

Painting is a super inexpensive way to change the look of any house. Neutral colors (not white, but taupe with white trim) enable a buyer to visualize their taste rather than getting caught up in your taste. Even if they plan to paint special colors later, they know they can live with the neutral colors until they’re ready to paint with their own.

Remember… we want them to see your “house” in it’s best light so that they can visualize their “home.”

  1. De-Personalize
  2. Maximize
  3. Sanitize
  4. Modernize
  5. Neutralize