Sanitize It

Rule #3: Sanitize It

Now that you’ve de-personalized the house and maximized the space, you gotta SANITIZE it.

This Rule is perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to stage your home – just clean it. Clean it from top to bottom, front to back and side to side. Do it great once and then keep it clean. A sink full of dirty dishes is as unappealing to you as it would be to a buyer. It well worth the time and elbow grease required in cleaning floors, walls, baseboards, ceiling fans and windows – YES, don’t forget the ceiling fans, windows and return air vents. Clean everything!

Let’s be real, some people are just natural-born cleaners and organizers but lots of people have super busy schedules that just don’t allow for the kind of cleaning and organizing needed when preparing a house to sell for top dollar. If cleaning isn’t your thing, consider hiring some pros to do it once and then you keep it clean thereafter or, better yet, let them come in once a week. It’s less expensive than you might think and IT REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

  • If walls and door jambs are grimy, spray them using a white vinegar / water solution (or bleach and water in baths and kitchens), clean thoroughly and put on a new coat of paint if needed.
  • Clear countertops of everything except the essentials and a few special decorative items. The less cluttered and cleaner, the better.
  • Use those guest towels in kitchen and baths… buyers are your guests. And they are the best kind because they bring money.

IMPORTANT: Bathrooms and kitchens are eCleanssential spaces in the home and, therefore, are often the places where potential buyers are won over – or lost. Kitchen and bath renovations are among the highest return projects for sellers. Sometimes a really good cleaning is all the renovation needed.

One final word about cleaning – CLEAN THE BLINDS AND SHUTTERS. I’ve been in hundreds of beautiful homes where everything looks great and then the buyer opens a blind or shutter and dust flies everywhere. Not good!

  1. De-Personalize
  2. Maximize
  3. Sanitize
  4. Modernize
  5. Neutralize