Spring DIY Project: Build A Treehouse That The Kids Will Love

May 5, 2015
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May 7, 2015
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Spring DIY Project: Build A Treehouse That The Kids Will Love

Child and Tree

Spring DIY Project: Build A Treehouse That The Kids Will Love

My friends and I had hours of fun in our treehouses. If you have children, I think a treehouse is a must have. Besides the fact that treehouses provide kids with hours of entertainment, when you sell your house they can also make your home more appealing to many families looking to buy. Of course, make sure your community allows treehouses and be sure to follow all building codes governing their construction – safety is of supreme importance! When building any type of treehouse, keep the following tips in mind.

Location, Location, Location
Before you head off to the hardware store to get all the needed materials, you should spend some time storyboarding the build process. This means drawing out your plan from beginning to end (you can purchase plans or even get kits for assembling, if you like). Pick a tree with low, sprawling branches such as an oak or a maple. Furthermore, consider issues like wind, shade and privacy before you start to nail up supports.

TreehouseChoose Your Materials Wisely
A treehouse built with inferior materials will fall short in the longevity department and disappoint the kids. Pick out sturdy 4×4 posts for the structural elements and top them off with pressure-treated pine for the floors and railings. Use quality plywood for the interior walls and be sure to seal it to slow deterioration.

Make Multi-Use Your Catchphrase
Treehouses that are little more than shacks suspended above ground will quickly bore the kids no matter how well-built they are. Incorporate features like swings, rope ladders and even zip-lines to provide a multitude of experiences for them to enjoy. Again, keep safety first! As long as you’re putting in the effort, you might as well add all of the bells and whistles.

Safety First
You don’t want the kids to get hurt when they’re climbing in and out among the branches. Make sure to bolt handles and permanent rails into the truck so that adolescents are less likely to slip and fall. If you want to go all out, add a few safety nets around the edges. I dare say, the houses we built when I was a kid were probably anything but safe. It’s a wonder none of us suffered any serious injury.

Don’t Ignore Aesthetics When Designing
An unadorned treehouse quickly turns into an eyesore over time as it’s battered by the elements. Shingle the roof and paint the exterior walls so that they match your home. Kids will naturally gravitate towards a treehouse that looks appealing and your neighbors won’t complain about a shoddy structure in your weeping willow.

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