customer service

August 10, 2011

Get Real – Straight Talk in Real Estate

My entire purpose in writing about this is to make it perfectly clear that we (Susan and I) do not like sales hyperbole and we strive to avoid ever using it. We believe in telling it straight... treating other people the way we expect to be treated - honestly and transparently without any baloney. There is just far too much garbage being thrown around today.
July 28, 2011

Real Estate “Agency” in Florida

The problem was that buyers were being serviced by "subagents." Buyers assumed that subagents were representing and working in their best interests but they weren't.
July 23, 2011
Soap Box

How to Make Sure You Don’t Sell Your House.

Why am I so disgusted, angry, disappointed, frustrated, perplexed? Here's why - because this seller got pathetic service from the agent he chose to list his home... and he didn't have a clue as to just how pathetic it was.
July 12, 2011
AC install

Creeks Air Conditioning and Heating Review

We knew that we were operating on borrowed time. Our home was built in 1993 and the HVAC system was the original.
November 30, 2010

A review of OmmWriter

My first attempt at using OmmWriter software and my first impressions of its value to me.
October 5, 2010

Our Approach to Real Estate Consulting

What I am saying, however, is that when you come to us to help you sell or buy real estate, you do so expecting to tap into our years of research, study and experience in getting the best deal in the shortest amount of time and the fewest complications possible. And that’s what you deserve too!