January 26, 2011

4 Step Plan to Sell Your Home in a Buyers Market

You want to sell your home. You need to sell your home. But just how do you sell your home in the strongest buyers market America has seen in decades? How do you compete with the hundreds of other houses for sale?
January 5, 2011

I’m Not Going to Just Give it Away!

The point of this post is merely to say that if you need to sell but don't want to "give it away" we can help.
October 26, 2010
One Happy Face

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent in Jacksonville

Unfortunately, many people make this decision based on the idea that all real estate agents are basically the same. They sign with the first agent to come along, only to realize too late that they should have shopped around.
October 12, 2010
Marketing Jacksonville Real Estate

Marketing for Real Estate Listings in Jacksonville

In order to give you a quick overview of where and how I market your listings, I put together this short video to just show you
October 7, 2010
Frustrated Man 2

Help For The Frustrated Home Seller

If the agents you’ve spoken to so far can’t tell you SPECIFICALLY and IN DETAIL what they are doing PERSONALLY to market your home and if they can’t explain WHY they are doing what they are doing then call me. I have a plan and I work that plan to your benefit.