Why Tech Savvy Agents Get Ahead

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Why Tech Savvy Agents Get Ahead

By Andrew Hill @ www.austinhomelistings.com

Real estate is a simple transaction isn’t it? After all, chances are you’ve seen the classic “For Sale By Owner” signs or maybe even received a flyer in the mail about a new listing. But how many of these homes actually go on to sell? Chances are, not too many, and if they do it’s not for the price the homeowner wanted. What about those on the other end of the transaction? Can’t buyers easily drive around a neighborhood and spot for sale signs in front yards? Yes, but why would you want to drive around when you can do all of your research online? It seems to me that the solution to these problems can easily be solved. All you need is a tech-savvy real estate agent.

A tech-savvy agent is important today because the world of real estate has changed. With more than nine out of ten all home sales beginning with an online search, the standard real estate methods of just a few years ago are now woefully outdated. Yard signs, flyers, and word of mouth simply won’t cut it. But a tech savvy agent has the tools you need to succeed. In order to find the right tech-savvy agent for you, keep your eyes peeled for the following features:

  1. Social Media Presence. Our world has become radically interconnected since the onset of social media and you need to be sure your realtor is plugged into this. So much communication happens over this medium that if any realtor chooses to neglect this tool, it s a serious detriment to both the realtor and his/her clients. You realtor doesn’t need to post something every day, but their simple presence on these sites makes it easier to communicate with them and do so in a timely manner.
  2. User Friendly Website. Whether you’re buying, selling, or both, you want to make sure that your agent’s site is easy to use. Not only do you want this for your own personal ease and enjoyment, but think about the people on the other end of the transaction. If you’re showing your home on a poorly constructed website, you can bet that buyers won’t stick around for long and you’ll be missing out on many potential leads.
  3. Finally, the most important tool for any truly tech-savvy realtor to have is a fantastic home search option. Remember, almost 100% of the market is turning to online searches to find a new home. So if you’re agent doesn’t have an easy to use search, you’ll be missing out on an unbelievable amount of traffic. When picking your agent, be sure that the home search is both easy to find and user friendly.

There are other factors that can make an agent tech-savvy as well, such as using new apps, tablets, etc. But the most important factors are those we already mentioned. So if you’re serious about getting the most out of your real estate experience, be sure to hire the right realtor. Be sure to contact the My Jax Home Team today, for all of your tech-savvy real estate solutions.

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VA Funding Fee Changes Effective October 1, 2011

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Vets and Reserves/National Guard will get a significant benefit October 1, 2011 to assist you in purchasing a home. We can put you in touch with a local loan officer who will assist you in every way needed.

See the chart below for details on this upcoming change.

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Jacksonville Florida Real Estate Market Update – Fall 2011

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I think the number one question we’ve heard over the past few years is “When will the market hit bottom?”

And our answer is always that one person’s guess is as good as another’s.

We understand that some buyers have been waiting… hoping to time the market just right and buy at the very bottom. Of course, the problem is that no one knows where the bottom is until it as started going back up again….

So, What can we say about the fickle economic forces that have been driving the real estate market?

Markets that were among the healthiest six months ago are now in decline and have been replaced by a few unexpected markets that have worked through their job losses and foreclosures effectively. Jacksonville seems to be one of them.

A lot has happened in the housing market during this year. We saw a double-dip in home prices… Only a small improvement in employment occurred on a national basis…. And the long-anticipated housing recovery, which most housing economists pegged for late this year, hasn’t materialized.

Rising home prices, job gains, and improvement in median incomes are going to drive the healthiest markets over the next 12 to 18 months.

Moody’s predicts that markets that benefit from military spending, or major universities, will be at the top of the recovery. Some markets hit the trifecta with military bases, big universities, and strong private sector employment.

Recently, Home Builder online and Moody’s compiled a list of the 20 healthiest housing markets through 2012 and Jacksonville came in at number four!

It is surprising to see any Florida market so high on any list of healthy markets, But they say that Jacksonville’s strong employment base has helped it come back before many of the services-dependent housing markets further south.

Jacksonville’s strong military presence has always anchored the economy… and our growing financial services sector has added employment in recent years.

According to Moody’s, Jacksonville employment is expected to rise 3.2% next year and Median income is projected to rise 3.3%. And to add further encouraging news, Businessweek just ranked Jacksonville, one spot above Denver, as the 26th BEST CITY IN THE COUNTRY citing positive data regarding the number of restaurants, school scores and even crime rates.  They said,

“…with miles of Florida beaches nearby and thousands of acres of parks and preserves, residents of Jacksonville are spoiled with outdoor activities… The city has good schools, low poverty rates, and plenty of great options for nightlife.”

Apparently, builders and developers must also sense our market is positioned for recovery. They pulled 28% more permits through the first half of this year than last. and Moody’s expects the growth to nearly double next year.

The fact is that nobody knows for certain… but there are good reasons to think that Jacksonville has, indeed, hit bottom and is poised for recovery over the coming months.

Those home buyers who have been sitting on the fence waiting for the bottom would be smart to carefully consider whether now is the time to pull the trigger.

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Get Real – Straight Talk in Real Estate

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I was visiting with my mom today. (Some may be aware that she had knee replacement surgery this past week and is now in rehab and DOING GREAT, thank you!)

Anyway, she brought up a radio ad she has been hearing lately and wanted to know what the “catch” was since it “sounded too good to be true.” (She asked what the catch was but her body language said that she wondered if it was real.)

In the ad, the agent promises to buy your home if she doesn’t sell it in “x” number of days (I think the ad says 90 days… not sure, though). Well, since we just sold my parents house last year at a lower than expected (by them) price it’s no surprise that she wondered if she had listed with my competitor could she have gotten much more for the house.

GET REAL! The fact is that no house is going to sell for more than fair market value. Fair market value is not an exact number, but rather it is a price range for which there is a ceiling (usually determined by the buyer’s lender’s appraiser).

There is simply no way in this world or any other that any real estate agent is going to pay more than fair market value for any house… and I’ll go as far as to say that they will not pay anywhere near fair market value! You can bet your sweet bippy that there is some mighty fine print protecting the agents who make such a claim.

My entire purpose in writing about this is to make it perfectly clear that we (Susan and I) do not like sales hyperbole and we strive to avoid ever using it. We believe in telling it straight… treating other people the way we expect to be treated – honestly and transparently without any baloney. There is just far too much garbage being thrown around today.

We get the baloney from every direction including our elected officials (from both sides of the aisle, btw) and if we don’t put a stop to it in our own lives and business, how can we expect any better from others? We think everyone should put every claim to the NO BALONEY TEST.

Before I go on, let’s define what passes the NO BALONEY TEST.

  1. The agent does not set himself up as a one man know-it-all-do-it-all expert. (The fact is that there are some things we are proficient in and some that we are not. It is imperative that I have ancillary professionals who are experts in their fields who I can call on and trust to provide the same level of professionalism I expect of myself.)
  2. The agent listens to what you have to say. (Your feelings; your needs; your fears; your concerns; your goals are what truly matter!)
  3. The agent tells the simple truth at all times. (Sometimes the simple truth is “I don’t know but I will find out for you!”)
  4. The agent presents you with options. (Listen, I don’t care what anybody says, not every homeowner who is underwater with his mortgage should short sale… some folks are better off with one of the other options available.)
  5. The agent consults with you. He doesn’t try to sell to you! (Yes, this is our motto but it is much more… it is what we believe and how we strive to practice our profession and daily lives.)
  6. The agent communicates with you. (Yes, that means he listens first but it also means he responds to your calls and emails in a timely manner. Timely manner means as quickly as possible and ALWAYS within 24 hours.)
  7. The agent tells you the whole truth. (You got it… even when the truth is not what you want to hear!)
  8. The agent doesn’t make promises he cannot fulfill. (Sure there are times when circumstances prevent us all from following through even when intentions are honorable. When that happens, we should own up to it, tell the truth and do whatever possible to make it right.)
  9. The agent conducts himself and all he says in accordance with current market conditions as they are, not as you or he wishes they were. (It doesn’t matter how your last home was sold… in case you haven’t heard, things have changed!)
A Few Other things that real estate agents do that FAIL the NO BALONEY test.
  • The agent presents a Comparative Market Analysis the first time he meets with you without having seen your home or discussed its features with you even though your home is unique (significantly different from other homes in the immediate area). — There is simply no reasonable way fair market value can determined, sight unseen, in this situation. This is a common problem with Zillow “estimates” of value and a common reason why so many homes are incorrectly priced in today’s market. (There are situations where a solid price range can be targeted without seeing the house first but be careful if you know your home is unique.)
  • The agent says he can sell your house for much more than fair market value. The fact is that far too many agents are known for taking listings at prices higher than fair market value. They try to “buy” listings because they want to have their sign in as many yards as possible to make them “look successful” and they hope they can talk you into lowering the price to fair market value at some point in the future. This is not good for you and it is a violation of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics too. Pricing a home above market value in a declining market only insures that the home will not sell or it will eventually sell at a much lower price than it would have if priced correctly in the beginning.
  • Your house is For Sale by Owner and the agent knocks on your door saying he has a buyer interested in your house who is willing to pay more than you are asking and more than you’ve been told it is worth by other agents. We actually have a friend who wanted us to list his home but he wanted far more than fair market value so we refused to list it. He then put a For Sale by Owner sign in the yard and a couple of days later an agent showed up saying he had a buyer willing to pay the inflated price. …Long story, short, after the agent got inside the home with this buyer they started “negotiating” for a MUCH lower price. (NO SURPRISE) When the seller wouldn’t come down, the agent said that the buyer decided on a different house and then proceeded to try and talk the seller into listing with him. (No, this unethical tactic did not work on my friend.)
  • You are a buyer meeting with an agent for the first time and the agent fails to talk to you about how he will represent you (this is called “agency”). While the presumed agency in Florida is Transaction Broker Agency, you do have other options that may be better for you.
  • You are a buyer and you call the Listing Agent to obtain information about one of his listings and he fails to talk to you about “agency.” If the listing agent is the Single Agent of the seller and you reveal information that might hurt your future negotiating position, that listing agent is obligated to share that information with the seller. BEWARE! — (Hint: Choose your own buyer’s agent and let him do all the work for you!)
There are many other examples but for sake of brevity I’ll leave it at this for now — (yeah, yeah… I know… this isn’t exactly the shortest post ever).
The bottom line is that you are either buying or selling real estate and it only makes sense to work with a professional who works professionally and treats you with respect, transparency and complete honesty. Don’t settle for anything less! 

You deserve to be consulted with, not sold to.

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Jacksonville Real Estate Market Trends – July, 2011

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Jacksonville Real Estate Market – Trends for July, 2011

Will Lower Prices Spur Selling Activity?

The jury is still out on whether or not we will see improvements. This is due mostly to continued economic troubles plaguing the nation as a whole.

Jacksonville, Florida real estate has continued a trend it has followed for many months with declining prices in most hyper-local markets but some increase in the number of closed transactions.

Agent surveys indicate that traffic (interest from qualified buyers) increased at the end of the month after continued decreases from June as sellers have continued to reduce prices to meet the low demand. Interest rates are lower than ever but there is concern that they could increase quickly and this concern seems to be holding many buyers back from committing.

This fear of commitment is due to the large number of Jacksonville homes for sale that are under water and therefore are Short Sales. Short sales, as everyone now knows, are anything but “short” in terms of the amount of time required to close the transaction.

Buyer traffic had fallen sharply in June so the increase in July was notable. It isn’t unusual for traffic to decline in early summer and pick up toward the middle and end of summer as families begin to think of moving before school starts back. Whether or not this increase in traffic will produce an increase in sales is still up in the air. Time will tell…

The fact remains that motivated sellers who price their Jacksonville real estate at or slightly below fair market value are first in line to attract the attention of qualified buyers. If these sellers also have adequate equity in their homes to avoid a short sale situation that’s even better!

Cash buyers, particularly in the higher end market, appear to be making their move more and more as they anticipate that we are likely at the bottom of the market decline.

As your straight-talking real estate consultants, you can always count on us to present a true picture of the market. We know that now is not the time for every buyer to make their move… we also know that now is the perfect time for others. If you are on the fence, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you make the decision that is right for you and your family.

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Who Should A Buyer Call First?

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Shopping for a new home?
Who should you call?

I really am amazed at the number of home buyers who call the listing agent to show them a home (and I say that as a Listing and Marketing Specialist). While it is possible for the listing agent in Jacksonville to work as a transaction broker, wherein he essentially facilitates the transaction while representing neither party, until that designation is put in writing the buyer should just naturally assume that the listing agent is working for the seller, not the buyer.

So, should you use the listing agent or should you choose your own buyer’s agent to assist you? If you want to make certain that your interests are placed first and foremost, you should definitely select a qualified and Accredited Consultant in Real Estate – ACRE® – to work on your behalf.

Here’s why…

Viewing Jacksonville Homes for Sale
The fact is that any Florida licensed real estate agent can show any home listed for sale in the Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service (NEFMLS). Just because the for sale sign has the name of a particular real estate brokerage doesn’t mean only agents with that office can show you the houses they have listed.

Most homes for sale in the Jacksonville area are in the Northeast Florida MLS, and most have an electronic lockbox that allows member agents access to the houses.

In fact, if you use the listing agent to show you the home, you likely have just taken the first step toward accidentally revealing personal information that might hurt you in negotiating the best price and terms possible.  You also may complicate the option of using your own agent later because of an issue known in the industry as “procuring cause.”

Procuring cause is, “the uninterrupted series of causal events which results in the successful transaction”. Real estate agents get paid their commission if they are considered the procuring cause of the sale. Although it isn’t necessarily true, a lot of agents think that simply showing a home entitles them to be deemed the procuring cause in a sale.

Although it isn’t necessarily true, having a listing agent show you a home can be the beginning of a procuring cause claim. Save yourself the potential trouble and choose your own buyer’s agent before you begin your search. In fact, this should be your first step (along with getting pre-approval for a loan) in the buying process.  — You may obtain your pre-approval prior to choosing your agent or you may want to ask your agent for referrals to lenders who will also work in your best interests.

Don’t cause yourself needless trouble. Use YOUR OWN buyer’s agent to show you homes. Don’t call listing agents even for basic information, don’t go to open houses on your own, and don’t step into a new home builder showroom without first consulting with YOUR OWN BUYER’S AGENT.

Writing Offers to Purchase Jacksonville Real Estate
Listing agents often have a single agency agreement with the seller, meaning that he represents the SELLER. They have a contractual and fiduciary duty to the SELLER, not to you the BUYER.

What do sellers want? They want the most money for their home with the least amount of disruption to their daily lives. Fundamentally, the listing agent’s job is to get the seller the most money. If they are working for the seller, trying to get them the most money they can, how can they possibly represent you – you who wants to pay the least amount possible for a home.

…They can’t.

Oh, some will claim they can fairly represent both sides of the transaction. Many agents like representing both parties in a transaction because then they get both sides of the commission – a double payday if you will.

So, what is a Jacksonville home buyer to do?

Choose your own agent BEFORE you start looking at homes. Secure your representation first and eliminate any concern of accidentally winding up being (non)represented by a listing agent.

How do you find an agent?

In Northeast Florida, you literally have thousands of licensed real estate agents from which to chose. Many are fantastic and will represent you competently, professionally and efficiently. But let’s be realistic… with the ridiculously low standards of entry to obtain a license in Florida there are way too many that just aren’t all that sharp.

You might ask your friends for recommendations, peruse the internet, read agents blogs to get an idea of who they are and what they know. But before making a choice, take the time to choose several agents and interview them. Ask them about their philosophy toward clients, ask them for references from past clients. Trust your gut. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… it’s just not that hard to tell who is willing to consult with you and who is trying to sell to you. Pick an agent that you feel comfortable working with and stick with them.

Remember, any agent can show any home; any agent can write an offer on any home but there are only a select few who have the experience, education and skills to truly help you get the best price with the least amount of hassle. Even fewer, still, are focused on consulting with you!

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Jacksonville area housing trends eNewsletter

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In our effort to provide as much information about the Jacksonville real estate market to our readers as possible, we are now offering the Housing Trend eNewsletter. Just click on the banner at the bottom of this article to view the current edition and to sign up to receive the newsletter via email each month. This eNewsletter is specially designed for you, with national and Jacksonville area housing information that you may find useful whether you’re in the market for a home, thinking about selling your home, or just interested in homeowner issues in general.

The Housing Trends eNewsletter contains the latest information from the National Association of REALTORS®, the U.S. Census Bureau, Realtor.org reports and other sources.

Housing Trends eNewsletter is also filled with local and national real estate sales and price activity provided by MLSs and the National Association of Realtors, U.S. Census Bureau key market indicators, housing market video reports, blogs, real estate glossary, maps, mortgage rates and calculators, consumer articles, community reports that map shopping, schools, recreation and more.

If you are interested in determining the value of your home, click the “Home Evaluator” link for a free evaluation report:

Sound decisions can only be made with accurate and reliable information, and we are happy to be a trusted resource for Jacksonville area real estate consumers. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this monthly eNewsletter, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have and to the opportunity to be your REALTORS® in the future.

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Affordable Homes for Sale in San Marco – Jacksonville, FL

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FACT: The community of San Marco, located just south of downtown Jacksonville, Florida is one of the most historic and highly sought after neighborhoods for young business professionals looking to buy real estate in Northeast Florida.

MYTH: There aren’t any houses in the area priced under $200,000 that are worth buying.

While it is true that San Marco is a somewhat upscale neighborhood with numerous homes priced well in excess of half a million dollars, it is also true that there are a number of homes available for far less. And one of the advantages of purchasing one of those homes is the future appreciation in value the buyer might expect just by being located within the area.

San Marco is one of the most historically and culturally significant areas in Jacksonville and is home to some of the area’s most prestigious restaurants and boutiques. It’s residents and business owners tend to identify very strongly with the community and work diligently to maintain its appeal and value.

At it’s center is an artsy dining, shopping and entertainment district known locally as “the Square”. Galleries restaurants and boutiques are, for the most part, locally and independently owned and operated – many by people who also live in the immediate area as well.

It is not unusual to rub elbows with an eclectic group of people including young professionals, ‘old money’ professionals, starving artists, tourists (local and foreign) and others who simply appreciate a diversity of culture and entertainment opportunities.

Sure, if you are in the market for a higher priced home San Marco has much to offer but if your budget doesn’t allow the luxury just now and you want to live in this fabulous community there are many great homes for sale between $100,000 and $200,000.

Here is a continuously updated list of homes for sale in the area of San Marco through San Jose in that price range. If you want more information about San Marco or any homes for sale in the area, call Susan Fennell at 904-568-5468. Susan is a buyers specialist and knows the entire region as well as anyone in the industry.

Or, if you have a home in the area that you’d like to sell, give Tim Fennell a call at 904-568-4528. Tim is a listing and marketing specialist and is more than happy to meet with you for a no obligation consultation regarding the value of your property and how he can assist you in getting it sold.

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Have prices hit bottom in the Jacksonville real estate market?

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Have prices for Jacksonville real estate hit the bottom yet? Hardly a day goes by without someone asking for my opinion.

I know that they don’t really expect me to have the answer. They’re just looking for another opinion and since they know that I study the market carefully, they want to factor my opinion in with all the others.

The truth is that nobody knows if the price on any particular house is at the bottom. Most people know that the vast majority of houses will actually sell for less than the asking price but that’s not really the question or the issue.

People who are considering buying real estate in Jacksonville want to know the answer for an obvious reason: buyers of real estate want to pay the very lowest price possible.

But there is a huge problem with this goal and even with the question itself.

The problem has to do with price versus cost. Real estate prices in Jacksonville may very well go lower… in fact, when I gaze into my crystal ball, that’s exactly what I see; prices will inch a bit lower before they stabilize and begin to rise again.

So, from a strictly economic perspective why would anyone buy today if prices will be lower in the near future?

The answer lies in the crystal balls of people who are far more knowledgeable than I. To find the answer, just do a search of economists predicting rising interest rates or read the predictions of folks like John Paulson, the multimillionaire (or ‘billionaire’… who’s counting?) hedge fund operator who made a ton of money betting against the subprime mortgage market not so long ago.

I think it was Paulson who recently said, “If you don’t own a home, buy one, If you own one home, buy another one an if you already own tow home, buy a third.” He went on to say,…and lend your relatives the money to buy a home.”

That’s pretty strong advice from someone who has historically shown himself to know what he’s talking about.

Look… If your goal is to pay the lowest price for Jacksonville real estate then you’ll probably want to wait awhile before making that purchase.

However, assuming you’re not a cash buyer, if your goal is to obtain the lowest cost on Jacksonville real estate then your window of opportunity is very narrow, indeed. …In fact, that ship may be leaving port right now.

Without going into or worrying about predictions of double-digit inflation by 2012, the impending death of the bond market or the restoring strength to equities and gold, etc. let’s just look at rising interest rates and their affect on the cost of home ownership.

One thing that everyone agrees on is that interest rates are going up. The super low rates we’ve seen recently are soon to be history once again and here’s the facts:

A 10% reduction in home prices is pretty wiped out by just a 1% increase in interest rates.

Stop and think about this for a minute and put real numbers to it. If you bet on prices going down another 10% (which I think is a very real possibility) and also bet on interest rates remaining the same, then you’ll come out better by waiting.

However, if prices do drop another 10% but interest rates increase more than 1% (a very real probability) then you lose by waiting to purchase… in fact, you stand to lose a lot!

Anyone who is in a position to buy Jacksonville real estate right now really should examine the numbers very closely. Our team of professionals at www.MyJaxHomeTeam.com, which includes mortgage experts, real estate attorney, buyer agent specialist and more is here to assist you in looking at your options so that you can make the decisions you feel are best for you.

Call us today for a free, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. We’re happy to help.

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Do you really want to sell your house in Jacksonville?

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Do you really want to sell your Jacksonville house?

Look, this really isn’t a trick question. The answer is either Yes or No and your answer is going to make all the difference in the world!

This is a sincere question and it needs to be answered honestly right from the start. If you aren’t really sure that you absolutely want or need to sell then don’t waste your time, energy and money putting it on themarket. You’ll only be wasting your time and energy.

The simple reality is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of homes for sale in the Greater Jacksonville Florida area and if you don’t really want to sell your house, it isn’t going to sell. Selling a house today is not a matter of luck. You need to be highly motivated and you need a strategic marketing plan in place to get the job done.

Am I being too direct with you? Well, I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry because it is far better that I be 100% honest and up front with you now than to tip-toe around, waste your time, energy and money only to disappoint you later.

If you are looking for a real estate agent who will simply say nice things that make you feel all warm and cuddly inside rather than get down-and-dirty and do the hard work it takes to get your house sold then you may as well stop reading now and call someone else. You see, we are in business to sell houses, not just list them.

Our goal is to do what it takes to get your house SOLD! We cannot reach our goal if you’re not 100% certain that you want to sell it.

If your answer to the question, DO YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR HOUSE OR NOT is any of the following then DON’T BOTHER!

  • No.
  • I’m not sure.
  • It doesn’t matter.
  • If we can get as much money for it as we want then we will sell but if not, we’ll just stay here.

The only real chance you have of selling your house in this VERY STRONG BUYER’S MARKET is if you answer with a resounding “YES, I WANT TO SELL MY HOUSE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!”

Okay, if you are still reading then I’m going to move forward on the assumption that your answer is YES.

Now we can get down to business.

There are a number of things that MUST be done in order to sell a home in this market. We will take care of the vast majority of those things but there are a few things we can’t do for you that you will have to do for yourself.

These are not suggestions… these are MUST DO items. But, of course, only if you are sure that you want to sell your house.

If you aren’t sure that you want to sell then please refer back to paragraphs 2 and 3.

Here’s what you MUST DO to get started.

  1. STOP thinking of and/or referring to this HOUSE as your home. You are not selling your home. Let me repeat that — YOU ARE NOT SELLING YOUR HOME! You are selling A HOUSE… you will take your home with you when you move. (And please don’t be confused by our marketing that will refer to YOUR HOUSE as a HOME… you see, we want the buyer to view your house as THEIR HOME.) If you simply cannot do this or refuse to do this then please refer back to paragraphs 2 and 3 again.
  2. STOP listening to your neighbor, mother, father-in-law, friend at work, great aunt Alice who has a real estate license in Podunk, etc. They don’t know diddly squat about selling your house and whatever they did to sell theirs and/or how much they got for theirs doesn’t mean a thing. The Jacksonville Florida real estate market changes almost daily. Whatever happened yesterday is YESTERDAY’S NEWS. Believe it, accept it and DEAL WITH IT… it’s the truth.
  3. STOP thinking that your house is nicer than any other house on the market. It might be BUT it probably is not. (Sorry about that… I hate to burst your bubble but if you had seen as many houses as we have over the past few decades, you’d know it’s the truth.) Sure, it was the nicest one you could afford when you bought it and you’ve done a great job of making it just perfect for you and your family….. NEWS FLASH! YOU AREN’T BUYING YOUR HOUSE… SOMEONE ELSE IS AND WHAT THEY WANT AND LIKE IS PROBABLY A LOT DIFFERENT FROM WHAT YOU WANT AND LIKE.

Okay, there are several other MUST DO items but we aren’t going to give away all of our secrets here and now.  We can save them for a face to face discussion regarding your needs, your wants, your plans and what you need and want from us to help you meet all your real estate goals.

What is your next step?

Call us to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. We will go over all the details of our marketing strategy and answer any questions you might have at that time.

If you decide that we are the kind of agents you want working for you then we’ll get started. If not, that’s okay too. We know that our style isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to hire a friend rather than a professional… we understand that.

However, if you want professionals who are also friendly and like to have fun while they work then we just might be the agents you’ve been looking for….

You’ll never know unless you call.

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