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July 9, 2012

Why Tech Savvy Agents Get Ahead

Why Tech Savvy Agents Get Ahead By Andrew Hill @ Real estate is a simple transaction isn’t it? After all, chances are you’ve seen the […]
September 22, 2011

VA Funding Fee Changes Effective October 1, 2011

Vets and Reserves/National Guard will get a significant benefit October 1, 2011 to assist you in purchasing a home.
September 22, 2011
Bottom of the Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville Florida Real Estate Market Update – Fall 2011

Businessweek just ranked Jacksonville, one spot above Denver, as the 26th BEST CITY IN THE COUNTRY citing positive data regarding the number of restaurants, school scores and even crime rates.
August 10, 2011

Get Real – Straight Talk in Real Estate

My entire purpose in writing about this is to make it perfectly clear that we (Susan and I) do not like sales hyperbole and we strive to avoid ever using it. We believe in telling it straight... treating other people the way we expect to be treated - honestly and transparently without any baloney. There is just far too much garbage being thrown around today.
August 9, 2011
Jax July Market Trends

Jacksonville Real Estate Market Trends – July, 2011

As your straight-talking real estate consultants, you can always count on us to present a true picture of the market. We know that now is not the time for every buyer to make their move... we also know that now is the perfect time for others.
July 13, 2011
Listing Agent NO

Who Should A Buyer Call First?

In fact, if you use the listing agent to show you the home, you likely have just taken the first step toward accidentally revealing personal information that might hurt you in negotiating the best price and terms possible.