You Have Options in Jacksonville Real Estate

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October 18, 2010
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You Have Options in Jacksonville Real Estate

Doors of Opportunity

“You Have Options”

That is what I tell people everyday. Admittedly, the options are not the outcome you hoped for when you bought your American Dream. But for many people, the Dream has turned into the Nightmare in recent years.

You worked hard, you had success, you bought a nice home for you and your family. That’s the Dream, and you achieved it.

Then it all goes wrong. You get sick or lose your job, or your spouse does, or some other life-changing event happens. The economy goes into the trash can. The real estate market crashes. You owe more (often much more) than your home is worth, and you can’t refinance it or sell it. Fear grips you. There doesn’t seem to be any way out. That’s the Nightmare — but you can’t just wake up and shake it off. It’s real and it is not going away.

You have options. But you can’t close your eyes and think happy thoughts and expect the Nightmare to go away. It is the real world, and you have to do something about it.

I am Howard Smith, and I am an attorney in Jacksonville Florida. I work with many people who are behind or in default with their mortgages and in danger of losing their homes and their minds. I can’t promise that I can save either one (a little humor always helps), but we help them come up with the best possible options, and then we work hard to make their options work.

So what are the options?

  • Loan modification or fighting the foreclosure if you want to stay in your home.
  • Short sale or deed-in-lieu if you are ready to (or have to) walk away.
  • Bankruptcy to either save the home or wipe out the debt (and most of your debts).

Usually, the game plan involves a flexible combination of these options.

The other thing I tell people everyday:

“You are not alone.”

TIMOTHY H. FENNELL, PA - Tim Fennell is a Florida licensed Real Estate Broker Associate with The Legends of Real Estate. Realtors® in Jacksonville, Florida. His strong background in business development, real estate investments, counseling and marketing greatly enhance his skills as a Listing and Internet Marketing Specialist. Tim and his wife, Susan, have over 30 years experience in Jacksonville Real Estate sales, marketing and investing and both are Accredited Consultants in Real Estate (ACRE®). When you're ready to be consulted with, rather than sold to, give them a call at 904.568.4528

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